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Tropical tassel garland kit in gorgeous colours with stunning silver foil detailing — perfect addition to your decor at a tropical or dinosaur themed party. Equally perfect at an engagement, wedding or baby shower! 

Drape across a sweet table or hang as a party backdrop, tassels can also be used as a shimmering balloon tail!


  • Grey-green, aqua green, emerald green, almond green / silver foil
  • Kit contains 20 pre-cut tassels, 4.2 m of string & twists for securing foil tassels
  • Length: 4.2 m
  • Mix & match with different collections


To assemble the tassel garland:


- Delicately separate the pre-cut sheets, one by one.
- Lay one of the sheets down flat and landscape.
- Fold the sheet in half from the bottom up. Repeat this step until you are left with one long and thin strip.
- Bend the centre of the tassel and twist it delicately.
- Slide the tassel onto the middle of the string. Once on the string, twist the tassel and tape it to hold it in place.
- Repeat this until you have as many tassels necessary to make a garland.


(Assembly instructions also available on the back of the packaging)

Tropical Tassel Garland Kit

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