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It's been a while...

Well, this is embarrassing. Two years later, and our very second blog post.

Let’s start with the obvious: Covid-19. It has been declared a global pandemic, and has no doubt had an unprecedented impact on individuals and the economy. In such uncertain times, while we don’t have all the answers, we are doing our best to navigate through this on a personal level and together with you, our wonderful followers.

Despite the uncertainty we have been thrown into, in an unexpected way, there have been countless blessings for which we have been grateful. Just some of the things we have been thankful for are health, family, and the little things like being able to go out into nature and get some fresh air. This has been a time of deep reflection and introspection. We have had time to look at our business and reassess our model in keeping with the times.

And lastly, we are so very grateful to you for the immense love and support you have shown Al-Party Favours. From something as simple as liking and sharing our pictures, recommending our business to your friends and family, to placing orders with us, and for all your kind words and prayers. It is no doubt that we have witnessed so much barakah in our small business as a result of your duas.

As a token of our gratitude to you for all your love, kind words and constant support, here is an exclusive offer available to those of you reading this – a 10% discount code to use sitewide, and you can use the same code to get 10% off on our handmade favours. Use code BLOG10.

We promise it won’t be too long till we speak again!


Al-Party Favours ♡

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